About Me

As most of engineering trained graduate 20 years ago,  I started as engineer in the fast growing IT industry.  In the early days of mobile Internet, I entered telecommunication domain.  Along the way, my area was shifted from pure technology topics to the mix of technology and human being – customer experience management (helping telecommunication operators improve their customer’s experience by improving service quality) and I started to explore customer experience topic  and I realized that it is actually one of key element in current business environment as human being is the center all business activities.

In recent years,  my work scope is also changed from technical work to customer experience solution product management. I started to explore experience-related areas such as:

  1. UX (user experience)
  2. CX (customer experience)
  3. Design thinking
  4. Service design

these are  centered around human interaction either with technology product offer or product offer from an entity (it could be a commercial offer, or any organization (government agency, or another human being)

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