CX (Customer Experience) and UX (User Experience)

CX and UX are commonly used terms when we describe experience.   are they the same?

they are not.

typically, UX describes the users’ perception, gain, emotional feeling when they interact with certain products (either digital or not, most of the time, it refers to digital products, such as Web site, Apps on the phone….)

but, the scope of CX is much wider, it is not just about the interaction with a specific product but the journey with a specific corporation, company or another individual person who offers certain products.  it starts with advertisement, sales, service/goods consumption, billing, support/customer care….  and along the way, there could be many many touch points where UX is critical.

however, to achieve Good CX, a Good UX is not enough..  as mentioned, CX is about journey, about relationship.  A good UX, for example, a fantastic user feedback interface will not improve customer satisfaction if there is no follow up after user’s complaints…

this is a good reference :, I like their idea of different level of interaction – Single-interaction, journey and relationship.   but, I believe we should still draw a line between user experience and customer experience.  A user of a product may not be necessarily the customer of the company.  User experience design and Customer experience should focus on different topics.


what is about this site?

I have been wondering what I should post here…

there are a few topics in my mind:

  1. my experience when I interact with a provider, it could be a shop,  mobile company, airline, ……
  2. my observation on how user experience is being delivered
  3. my thoughts on how user experience could be improved
  4. specifically on design thinking and service design idea  – why? as the idea of design thinking is to look at issue from user perspective..  I am still learning …

let me give it a try….


Why Experience?

in Modern days, the success is usually the result of super experience the end user received. it could be something big or small, but the experience itself must address the needs of an user, It does not matter whether it is the basic needs or not.. as they are one pay… or not? 

the success of many products are the result of super experience  and fulfillment of user needs, which , users themselves are not aware  – like the success of iPhone from Apple.. 

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