Confused? yes, but why a company is trying to confuse the customers?

Buying a mobile phone online was supposed to a simple task – compare and select different model, make payment and wait for delivery.  However, my recent experience seems to tell a different story.

After  researches over Internet, I finally select a model from a top phone producing company.  And there was ongoing promotion – besides offer free enhanced support services, it also offered free shopping voucher.

So, that is where the confusion starts:

  1. as usual,  it stated that the promotion (voucher) “while stock lasts…”. I could understand that company will like to protect itself. but from customer perspective, he/she could feel cheated if voucher is part of the purchase
  2. after I added phone to the check out cart, the voucher is not there..  so, will I get voucher?
  3. Order was submitted, phone was delivered after a few days, but there is still no news about the voucher – no email no update…
  4. what shall I do?   I had to call their support line.  well, probably resolved, the agent provided a specific link to submit the redemption request.

so why the company did not what to provide a pleasant purchase journey?

  1. provide an update information whether the voucher is still available during the the check out phase?
  2. if the voucher is still available, why it was not stated clearly purchase order?
  3. why the redemption process was not sent to customer directly?

One possible reason is that the company want to protect itself from possible fraud?   however, the harm it does is probably larger than the value of fraud it protected.   The company shall consider different approach….

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