No Broadband Service at Home!

Finally, we moved back to our old flat! After the renovation, it looks refreshed and “new”.

I booked fiber service relocation service for the day after our move. I would like to get broadband service ready immediately after the move.

However, it did not turn out as what I expected.

The service engineer came during the scheduled time. However, he could not continue the setup and mentioned that the link quality was bad. What was a relief was that he mentioned that a visit has been scheduled two days later. He also mentioned that the issue was escalated.

OK, not a disaster yet. We probably would be occupied by many unpacking activities. I thought.

Two days later, the same engineer came back. However, no progress, same problem!

What happened next was many phone calls to the service providers..

At this moment, Eight days after first appointment, there is still no boradband service at home…

currently, I am writing this via mobile connection.

The next appointment is on next Thursday. Fingers crossed.

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