No Broadband Service at Home!

Finally, we moved back to our old flat! After the renovation, it looks refreshed and “new”.

I booked fiber service relocation service for the day after our move. I would like to get broadband service ready immediately after the move.

However, it did not turn out as what I expected.

The service engineer came during the scheduled time. However, he could not continue the setup and mentioned that the link quality was bad. What was a relief was that he mentioned that a visit has been scheduled two days later. He also mentioned that the issue was escalated.

OK, not a disaster yet. We probably would be occupied by many unpacking activities. I thought.

Two days later, the same engineer came back. However, no progress, same problem!

What happened next was many phone calls to the service providers..

At this moment, Eight days after first appointment, there is still no boradband service at home…

currently, I am writing this via mobile connection.

The next appointment is on next Thursday. Fingers crossed.

To reset and restart

Sorry that I have not updated the contents of this site for long time….

I will come back here soon with my recent experience:

  1. subscribing a new mobile line and porting-in existing numbers
  2. change mobile line ownership and subscribe a new line
  3. Overseas purchase and shipping..
  4. thoughts on what are to be changed with Generative AI  in customer experience domain..

Stay tunned!

Travel during Covid-19

It has been a while that I have not updated this site.  One major reason is that I have to travel to another place even when the COVID-19 is still ongoing and number of cases around the world are still growing.

Travel is not longer the same now comparing to pre-covid-19 days.   In the next a few sections, I will share my experience of traveling during this period.

Stay tuned!

Take care and stay safe.


Why Experience?

in Modern days, the success is usually the result of super experience the end user received. it could be something big or small, but the experience itself must address the needs of an user, It does not matter whether it is the basic needs or not.. as they are one pay… or not? 

the success of many products are the result of super experience  and fulfillment of user needs, which , users themselves are not aware  – like the success of iPhone from Apple.. 

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