Finally, My broadband is working!

It was the day of the appointment.   Based on input received from the service appointment,  I should expected visits from two parties:

  •  Engineer from service provider who is to provision ONR (Optical Network Router) 
  • Contractor from optical fiber infrastructure provider to check and fix the problem.
The appointment was scheduled between 11am and 1pm of the day.  I was waiting, waiting and received a phone call from the engineer closed to 1pm.  The  engineer mentioned that he would be late. I asked him whether he got any update from the optical fiber vendor.  To my surprise, he had no idea but he promised to contact the customer service (from Serivce provider) to check. 

The clock was clicking.. and 1pm passed.   Since nobody showed up, I decided to give the service provider a call as they were supposed to be interface betrween me and optical fiber contactor.

What surprised me was that the service provider itself had no clue on whether any action had been taken by the optical fiber contract. They claimed that they had escalated the issue and no update was received.

When I was thinking that I might have to wait for a few more days, door bell rang! The engineer from service provider was at the door.  I told him that optical fiber contractor had not shown up.  He had decided to give it a try anyway.

What happened next seemed to be a miracle.  The engineer measured the link signal quality. Wowlah! it was normal!  The engineer speculated that the fiber optical contractor might have done something already without updating me (as end user) or them.   The following steps were smooth sailing.   Finally, after two weeks pause,  my broadband service finally works.

Let us review what make me, as end user, not so happy:

  • Unbelievable 2 weeks break – who can image no broadband service for so long in a modern city.  I had to depends on my mobile data with extra data purchased. 
  • no prompt update to end user. Everytime, I had to call in to find out the status.  To be fair, there were follow up calls to address my questions. 
  • no clear communcation between the service providers and optical fiber contractor.  I had to find out what was going on.. which ws still not clear to me. 

No Broadband Service at Home!

Finally, we moved back to our old flat! After the renovation, it looks refreshed and “new”.

I booked fiber service relocation service for the day after our move. I would like to get broadband service ready immediately after the move.

However, it did not turn out as what I expected.

The service engineer came during the scheduled time. However, he could not continue the setup and mentioned that the link quality was bad. What was a relief was that he mentioned that a visit has been scheduled two days later. He also mentioned that the issue was escalated.

OK, not a disaster yet. We probably would be occupied by many unpacking activities. I thought.

Two days later, the same engineer came back. However, no progress, same problem!

What happened next was many phone calls to the service providers..

At this moment, Eight days after first appointment, there is still no boradband service at home…

currently, I am writing this via mobile connection.

The next appointment is on next Thursday. Fingers crossed.

Why the Delay?

Yes, this site has been quiet since last August, even my last post asking for patience.

A lot has happened:

  1. I lost my regular work due to company cost cutting at the end of Sep/2023
  2. I had to spend more time searching for new opportunities, which is still ongoing.
  3. moved back to my old flat, – which I had to renovate, repaint. even though it was not done by me but engaged contractor. still a time-consuming work.
  4. ……

will be back soon…

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