Where is my parcel? (part 1)

As the year end is approaching, discount, sales, shopping are everywhere..

Like Black Friday in America, double 11 or 11.11 (11th / Nov) is arguably the larget online sales event, and it is from China. many things on sales with great discount..    looks very attractive!

But, I am not in China, and many sellers do not deliver the purchases to my places directly from China.  luckily , there is so called forwarder service provider who, provides you a domestic address in China so that your order could be processed and delivered to forwarder service provider’s warehouse in China and then they will send goods to you, of course with a fee.  As long as the total sum is still cheaper than buying directly from your own country or something you could not get..  it is quite good option.

So, I signed up the service, got my unique domestic address in China, set up account in Taobao (under Alibaba) and found  a way to setup payment via Alipay (that is another long story ;-). All set, I started to browse the website, compare, check…..  and finally put two items in the cart.. and wait for the right time the 12:00am of 11/11

when the time came….  I quickly checked out the items in the cart in order to secure the discounts .. and now,  it was waiting time…

Luckily, Taobao does offer quite good delivery tracking via its app. I could easily find out the status of my orders and where they are. As there would be huge surge in delivery demands, I assumed that it would much longer time…

Yes, indeed, even one item I ordered was on the road almost the next day, there has been no news for another one for a few days… what is happening?

more to come in my next post..


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