Problem with my monitor

With current COVID-19 situation,  working from home (WFH) is new normal for me.   I use a Dell monitor instead of watching the small laptop screen for more than 10 hours everyday.

However, I started to notice that  the color near the edges became faded especially when dark colors were shown a few months ago.  Since it was still lock-down at that time,  I decided put it aside first.

here is what happened when I decided to get it solved.

First, I searched Dell website to find out how to get support.

  1.  Product model – no issue,  got it from Dell display manager installed
  2. Service Tag – what is that?  here is link from Dell , which looks simple. But when I tried to find it from my monitor, I realized that it is not so easy.  Somehow, Dell designer decided to put in the bottom middle part behind the monitor. But,  that part is perfectly blocked by the monitor stand and cables.  Alternatively,  it was mentioned that it could be detected.  But, after I downloaded and run  their SupportAssist program as suggested,  I realized that that did not work for me – I am not using a Dell PC.   So the only choice for me is to do some physical works.  Luckily,  the design of  monitor stand is excellent.  I could rotate the monitor easily and that allow me take a photo of the service tag
  3. Call – number is there
    1.  option selection was  quite smooth,  either choosing a  number or just saying it – what product.
    2. no long waiting –
    3. the first thing the service agent asked is not service tag but Express Service Code –  which was just below the service tag – luckily I took a photo.
    4. After explaining my monitor’s problem,  I was instructed to follow a few simple steps and take a photo of the monitor’s display.
    5. Once I took the photo, the agent asked to sent photo to Dell… by just replying to an email he just sent..  yes,  it reached my inbox just one or two minutes later.
    6. I thought – OK,  well, probably I have to wait for another a few days before I could get any feedback..  But, “Just hold the line” the agent told me after I sent photos by replying email’s from Dell.
    7. After a few minutes waiting,  the agent confirmed that he received photos I sent and it is product problem.  As my monitor is still under warranty, they would arrange 1 to 1 replacement the next day if the stock is available – A good news indeed.
  4. Replacement
    1.  this part went quite well
    2. I got call for the logistic team to confirm the time and address for delivery in the same day
    3. I also received email from Dell Support again to confirm the replacement arrangement
    4. In the  next day, the replacement came , not exact the same model I used, but the next generation- what a surprise.

Now, when I think the whole experience of my monitor issue,  this is probably one the best post-sale support I received (the others are from Apple), especially the first call resolution attitude.   But definitely there are rooms for improvement:

  1.  where the service tag is.    Dell positioned it in a place where it is quite difficult for people to check.  probably this is misalignment between product design and service needs.
  2. how to share  the information from customer to Dell?   You noticed that I have to send photos via email and wait (but not very long…)  or is there any alternative approach? how about a dedicated Dell support app? how about an photo upload link sent via message?

your thoughts?

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