Where is my credit card points (part 2)

After waited for 2 days, I received a call the card issuer.  They agreed to reinstate my point with only 3 months life-span.

Well,  that is OK, finally I could get them back.

if we think about the whole process.  there are inconsistences in their service touch points.

What are goods:

  1. their customer service staff was very patient and helpful.
  2. they responded relative fast and  call me back and update me the outcome.

what did not go well:

  1. confusing of different point life term for different credit card points
  2. no clear update of expiring points
  3. confusing life span of the point – 5 year in a block?
  4. non-consistent in their web portal – the card service and reward point seems to be run by different teams – different design style, different looks and feel,  customers have to switch in between – not a smooth process.

hope this is the last time..

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