What happened after I terminated my home broadband..

I was using the home broadband service from operator Green (not its real name 🙂 ) for many years. And finally, I decided to make a change.

At the day after my home broadband service contract ended. I bought modem ( as mentioned in its web site, I need to return the modem, including cables) to its physical shop. The process was quite smooth besides the waiting time estimation from the system was not close how long I was actually waiting.

I thought my relationship with Green would be closed besides the last bill from it. But, the bill I ” received” shocked me:

  1. it still bills me for almost next one more month of service which I would not use (I terminated service and returned equipment)
  2. no indication what was to happen next.
  3. my credit card was billed

First reaction – something wrong? So I picked up the phone and called the customer support:

  1. the agent was trying to convince me that the bill was for last month’s service, not the next month – but that was complete different from service period stated in the bill
  2. the agent seemed to agree with me eventually, but failed to provide any reasonable explanation.
  3. I requested a discussion with next level manager/support. But the agent told me there was no guarantee that someone would call me back..

I decided to wait… and waited for 3 days.. No call.

I had to search their website and find out another channel – leave a message. I did so

What surprised me is that I received an update during the weekend, the next day after I left a message there. Based on what stated there, they could only finalize the bill after 1 or 2 billing cycle and necessary adjustment would be make (credit).

I assume that I have no other options but to wait, but I believe there are many things to improve:

  1. according to the bill I managed to find, the bill was generated 3 days after I terminated the service – would it take days to update billing info?
  2. there is no explanation in the bill or email to advise what shall expect after I terminate a service
  3. the agent was not fully aware the content either

I, as customer, spend a lot of time to understand what happen. the operator Green also spend a lot resources to address this unnecessary problem.

still thinking whether I will use Green next round..

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