A few thoughts on what is happening now..  it has probably nothing to do with CX topic.

The beginning of the new decade does not seems to be good.

The spread of Covid-19 virus from China to the world has been changing the lives of more and more people on earth.. precisely, on earth, where multi-billion people are bore, make a living, being happy or being sad….  This challenge is not just for a specific country, specific race but the human being as a whole.

What I do not understand is

  1. why some persons could put their own personal gain, interest ahead of surviving , being healthy, the chance of living of other people..
  2. why countries are figure pointing each other when the virus is still spreading and more and more people are suffered
  3. why someone try to claim the superiority of his/her system when it is just a beginning…

we, everyone on this planet,  have only one home, earth! nobody could run away from this beautiful planet..   We need to really sit back and think how we should work together, not against each other… after we overcome current challenge,  I strongly believe we will, but at a cost..   there are still many many long term challenges ahead of us..

Take care!

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