Welcome to 2022!

A new year comes – Year 2022!

the world is still suffering from the COVID-19.   People, no matter where they are. adjusting their ways of working and living.. and this leads to the changes of interactions between people, people and entities,  which could be government agencies,  commercial organization,  non-profit organization and more.  This change will bring the changes to experience,  and customer experience.

the term customer is no longer just defined from commercial business content.   It should be applicable to all the interactions between entities.  and the parties that receiving certain benefits as the result of effort, goods, delivered by another parties (is this the right definition> )

As I have been occupied by many topics both from personal life as well as work life,  I did not spend much time in the year 2021 in updating this small web site.  I hope, I am able to spend more time in the year 2022 in this!

thank you!

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